ATB Teams & Levels of Play

Arlington Travel Baseball Seasons

  • Fall: NVTBL Sunday Double Headers, Two Mid-Week Practices
  • Winter: Indoor hitting, strength, conditioning and agility
  • Spring:
    • 9U-12U: Play in Rec League (Arlington Little League or Arlington Babe Ruth).  Play in March and Memorial Day Tournaments. Sunday practices.
    • 13U-14U: NVTBL Spring Schedule.  Play in March and Memorial Day Tournaments. 2-3 practices per week.
  • Summer: Tournaments


  • Proper Mechanics (throw, field, hit, catch)
  • Basic introduction to proper defensive footwork
  • Slide
  • Cover bases
  • Applying tags
  • Cut offs (proper turn)
  • Basic rundowns
  • Base running
  • Basic 1st & 3rd defense coverage
  • Introduction to mental part of game


  • Reinforce 9U goals
  • Defensive Footwork
  • Turning double plays
  • Bunting
  • Master rundowns
  • All Pitchers throwing with change-up grip
  • All Catchers blocking balls in dirt
  • Advanced 1st & 3rd defense coverage
  • Bunt Defense coverage
  • Pitcher’s Fielding Practice (PFP)
  • Teamwork and sportsmanship


  • Reinforce 10U goals
  • Transition to 50/70 diamond
  • Offense- leads from all bases, secondary leads, stealing
  • Defense – Pitchers throwing from stretch, holding runners on, pick offs.
  • Hitting off speed pitches
  • Advanced bunt defense coverage
  • Build a love of the game


  • Execute 9-11U Goals
  • Advanced defensive concepts
  • Strength and Conditioning (preparation for 60/90 diamond)
  • Hitting off-speed pitching
  • Solidify primary & secondary defensive positions
  • Success through competition


  • Transition to larger field
  • Build on 9-12U foundation to successfully make longer throws from all positions
  • Hitting off-speed pitching
  • Strength, conditioning and agility
  • Learn to play on a larger team